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Burgemeester opening Ambassade van Den Haag 2013


Embassy of The Hague

The Embassy of The Hague was founded on Thursday 28 November 2013. Mayor van Aartsen and Alderman Karsten Klein inaugurated the first location of the Embassy of The Hague with a festive event, attended by the most important partners.

It marked the start of the recruitment of 300 volunteers for the biggest sports event ever organised in The Hague. The Embassy of The Hague's first assignment was to provide a friendly welcome to visitors of the 2014 Hockey World Cup. The idea behind the initiative was to continue the City Hosts after the Hockey World Cup and make a lasting contribution to hospitality in The Hague.

The Embassy of the Hague was promoted to residents through various communication channels, such as a TV and radio commercial and an ad campaign on bus stops in the city. Our first location was a storefront in New Babylon.

Watch the short video here for an impression of the inauguration.